My name is Shelby Merry. I have been playing music for many years, doing it as a full time career for 10 years now. I have written for films, had my songs go viral, sang on commercials, and composed for Turner Broadcasting animation for four years. Those are the uninteresting parts about me.


I grew up in a rural town in Southeastern Ohio in Appalachia. No, you will not be able to read the name and I promise you have never heard of it. I bring this to your attention because it is where this all starts. I grew up with the undeniable belief that I could be anything I wanted to be. I was a gap-toothed and crazy-haired hellion running around barefoot with my sisters. We each had to have big dreams, goals, and aspirations if we were going to grow out of our small town. 


Over the years, I have had the wildest, once in a lifetime opportunities. People I called heroes, became friends. I got my big dreams, but I never stopped long enough to figure out how to be human. I thought that I just had to focus on work, but it's hard to write from the heart when you're not really living. I was that little girl picking out her wedding song. ("Orange Colored Sky" by Nat King Cole, or "Fly Me To The Moon" by Sinatra, not sure yet.) I had forgotten all the little dreams I had, and that they just might be the most meaningful.


“Little Dreams” is an album set within an extravagant party. It is a metaphor for this generation's version of the Roaring Twenties: the unending desire for cool friends, notoriety, perfect bodies, bottles on bottles, social media, living as big as humanly possible...all without satiation. Champagne towers and crystal chandeliers. Diamond watches and once worn designer dresses. Fast cars we don’t know how to drive and lifestyles we can’t keep up with.


I forgot to be human. I forgot to want romance, stability, health, friends, sleep. So, I started. Let this album be the record of what I've lived and learned love is the only worthy pursuit.