SHELBY MERRY  developed a creative mind at a very young age, writing stories and songs inspired by her environment in the Appalachian Valley of Ohio. Studying creative writing in college was a precursor to becoming a musical artist. 

Inspired by the book series, The Maze Runner, she wrote a song that went viral, gaining over two million streams. Her music caught the attention of film director Wes Ball, and she was asked to write original music for his feature film based upon the books for Fox Studios. 

A similar situation occurred when director Robert Schwentke was making Allegiant Part 1.  Shelby was brought on to the project to write the song “This is Our War” to be used not only in the film, but also in the marketing of the film.  

Her ongoing work drew the attention of writer-producer Olan Rogers and Conan O’Brien at Conaco, their production company. She was later attached as a composer on their international hit cartoon series, Final Space, on Turner Broadcasting. 

AMC Networks is now using her music in both their productions and promotions.  

Over her career, she has independently released eight albums, including numerous singles and collaborations. She also wrote a novel called "Second Planet," that is in development to become a Television series and podcast. 

Shelby is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee.